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They say, cheap is always expensive. Many might argue that there is no correlation between ‘cheap’ and ‘quality’. Many homeowners across Australia are made to believe that all plumbers are the same, and all they do is charge their fee depending on the type of clients in the social-economic ladder they target. This is actually false. Looking for a cheap plumber to work for you is not a great idea at all. For a fact, it is one type of suicide missions that is highly achievable. See the article What To Look For In A Good Emergency Plumber for further information.

The difference between a cheap plumber, and an affordable one is as large as the difference between heaven and earth.

Come to think of it. A plumber despite being the person who works on all your plumbing problems is an entrepreneur, whose goal is to make profits in order to develop self, pay employees, and keep the business running. How then will a plumber charge you unimaginable low fees for a service, and pay employees, self, and still make profits? Doesn’t this mean a lot of fishy activities happen in the course of doing a service? Doesn’t this mean cheap plumbers cannot be trusted?

Honestly speaking, there are thousands of cheap plumbers in Australia. The following are the reasons why you should avoid signing contracts with them.

They use low quality products

A cheap plumber will never use quality products. They will always use the cheapest products in the modern market, which will never assure you of functionality, reliability, stability, and durability. Their products do not have warranties, hence once they get damaged (which they will do in a few days) you will have to incur heavy maintenance costs. No cheap plumber in Australia will ever use a product containing the Quality Australia mark of quality. If a plumber uses the best products, they will never charge you unreasonably low fees. This is a fact of life.

They offer low quality workmanship

Employing the services of highly qualified plumbers should be expensive for any plumbing company. A highly professional plumber will, therefore, charge you a higher amount for the services they offer, hence enabling them to pay the salaries of their professional plumbers and make some profits. Cheap plumbers don’t employ professionals. They employ people who have no formal training on the job, hence they will never offer you with the services you need. Surprisingly, no cheap plumber will ever give you a ‘no’ for an answer. They all claim to have the capacity and experience to work on all plumbing problems, and if you use their services, they might end up leaving your opulent Australian vicinity in a worse state than they found it.

They are not licensed, accredited, bonded and insured

Whereas these are fundamental requirements for plumbers in Australia, the cheap plumbers you find in your locality cannot afford to fulfil them. They all need a significant amount of money for registration and annual renewal. This is catered by what clients pay, and if the plumber charges cheaply, he/she cannot afford to apply and maintain these legal requirements.

If you love your Australian home, then you need to ensure quality for all services done in its outdoor and/or indoor space. To be safe, always go for an affordable plumber, a cheap one can save you a significant amount of money now, but can force you to spend all your life-time savings in future trying to correct their mistakes.



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