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Owning a good home in Australia is a big deal. If you have one, you definitely take good care of it. From making sure that the interior space is clean and tidy, to making sure that your lawn stands out among many in the neighbourhood, enhancing great looks in your home is actually not an option. It is something you need to do in order to make your vicinity conducive, comfortable, and most importantly, unique.

Most homeowners take good care of their homes, but end up forgetting the small things that can one day escalate into uncontrollable crisis. One of such issues is water leakage. Imagine hosting your business partners in your house or office, but you cannot discuss issues in peace because of the rapid ‘drip, drop’ coming from the bathroom. This can be a nuisance and a disappointment, huh? This is one of the major reasons why water leakage detection is of essence.

Types of water leakages

Leaks that can be seen

Well, most of the water leakages in our homes can be easily detected because they can be seen and heard. For example, you can easily see that you’re your sink is leaking whenever you wash the dishes. Additionally, you can see water damage on your ceiling, which explains why your water bill has escalated recently.

Leakages that cannot be seen

These are undoubtedly the worst type of water leakages. You can easily miss these leaks even if you consistently check them. Most of them hide in the weirdest places such as behind walls, and some below the surface.  They can cause a myriad of problems including electrical problems, risk of health issues, and can promote mold and mildew growth, which can go a long way in causing structural damage to your ultra-modern premises.

What are the consequences of water leakages?

If water leaks from raised floor, it can cause;

  • Power failure
  • Leak to tenants under your floor, hence causing damage to property
  • Failure of equipment


If water leaks from the ceiling, it can cause;

  • Air conditioner failure
  • Computer equipment failure
  • Costs you can incur as a result of water leakage
  • Loss of business
  • Claims of loss from tenants living under your floor
  • Replacement of power cables and air conditioners
  • Replacement of working files
  • Replacement of computer equipment


How to avoid the consequences of water leakage: Electronic Water Leakage Detection

Exposing the piping in order to make water leakages easy to detect is now an old fashioned activity thanks to the cutting-edge electronic water detection systems available in Australia today. All you need is an addressable sensing cable.

This cable is installed around your premises using a digital control panel. Once this cable gets wet, it sends a signal to the panel and triggers an alarm which alerts you of a possible leakage.

Using this cable, you can easily detect a single or multiple water leaks in your residential or commercial premises, hence calling you to act, and solve the issue before it becomes a crisis.

Water leakage detection is of great importance today because it does not only allow you to live a comfortable life, but It also helps you evade unnecessary costs that you might incur as a result of damages water leakages might cause.


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