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Sometimes, you wake at the middle of the night. You really need to use the toilet, but you are too sleepy to feel the switch to the light source. You wake up anyway and touch your way to the washrooms. Once you get in, your feet is submerged in a pool of water. You get back to your senses. You switch on the lights and to your amazement, the bathroom floor is filled with water. You take some time to check what the problem might be, and you suddenly notice that this is a warning sign that your drain is blocked.

If not cleaned in time, a blocked drain can be annoying and disappointing. If you are a homeowner in Australia, you have probably seen some major signs of a blocked drain. What of most of us do when we see such signs is to run to our phones and call for local plumbers to help. Most of them will treat this as an emergency service, and will charge you accordingly. What people don’t know is that drain cleaning is a simple DIY project that you can execute in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to persevere the foul smell coming from your bathroom until a plumber arrives, the following are some things you can do.

Use a coat hanger

A coat hanger has many other uses apart from helping your clothes stay in check. If you have a clogged drain, take your coat hanger and straighten its elbows. However, never straighten the hook- it is the part that will do all the dirty work. Push this wire down the drain until you feel some resistance. This is the point that need to be cleaned. Push and pull the wire countless times, until you feel that the resistance is gone, and that you have pulled all the clog out.

Get a millipede

Yes, you got it right, a millipede! Whereas most plumbers around Australia will charge you a fortune for some simple work, this little guy will do it for you’re absolutely free! All you need to do is simply go to your garden, look for this little friend. If you find more than one, good for you. Uncoil them and let them go down the drain. After that, sit back and wait for the unimaginable to happen. You will not believe the level of success this natural plumber can achieve!

Use bellows plungers

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to clean a drain by yourself.  Basically, the bellow design builds up pressure which will help force clogs out of the drain after a few pumps. This method is widely used since it is economical, highly effective, chemical-free, and most importantly, it is a no-mess option.

However…know when to call a plumber

Drain cleaning is an easy project that you can do yourself, but sometimes, you can try all methods without success. If you find out that the signs are not going away even after thousands of trials, know it is time to sign a contract with a plumber. Make sure you look for one before the issue escalates into a crisis.

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