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3 Super Tips On DIY Shower Repair

Let’s face it, taking a shower at least once in a day is necessary for any normal human being. When going to work, you don’t just wake up and put your clothes on as though you are in a horror movie scene, where the sounds of ghosts have woken you up with their frightening sounds, and you have to run before they come to you. Nature calls for you to get into the bathroom and take the shower of your choice, whether cold, warm or hot.


Since we are in agreement that a shower is of significance to the normalcy of one’s life, it is upon you to ensure that the one you have in your American home is always in good shape. Having a leaking shower cannot only be disappointing, but the ‘drip-dropping’ sounds that come from it can be annoying. A shower leak, despite how small it is, ends up wasting thousands of liters that always count in your meter, thus forcing you to pay a good amount of money on top of your monthly bill for water you never used.

That said, shower repair is crucial if all you need is to make sure that your shower is always useful and in its original shape. When a shower leaks, most  homeowners rush to their plumbers seeking repair services. This is a good move, but an expensive one in most situations. Shower repair is something you can easily do yourself if you make use of the following tips.
Identify the and asses the leakage point

This is perhaps the most crucial step towards DIY shower repair. You cannot just take your tools and start the repair process if you don’t know where the leak is emanating from. Carefully analyze the shower system, and identify the point or points where water is trickling from. Make sure you assess the level of the leakage and determine whether you can handle it, or you will need a helping hand. Only proceed once you are sure you will achieve the most desirable results.

#1 Switch off the water

Do not start repairing your shower with water leaking from it. With water in the pipes, your repairing process will undoubtedly be a waste of time, energy, and resources. You can switch off the water supply to the entire house or to the shower. Either way, you will achieve the same purpose.

#2 Never lack a thread sealer

Since shower repair is like any other form of plumbing work, a thread sealer is indeed a lifesaver. Never lack one in your house. It will help you seal the leakage areas, and can help greatly in tightening loose shower parts, and in containing massive leakage before you call a plumber to your rescue.

#3 A pipe wrench is a super-tool. Always have one

The mistake most homeowners do when repairing showers is using the wrong tools that damage pipes and shower heads. A pipe wrench is one important tool that will help you get inside tight areas without spending much time and energy. Always have one in your toolbox, you might be surprised to discover that it is all you need to get all your shower repair needs taken care of.

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